Ivy League

The Ivy League is composed of sports teams from eight private institutions of higher education in the Northeastern United States.  Ivy League schools are considered as some of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

With the same idea we wanted create a new generation men’s denim concept. The key words of the concept are premium, sport version of luxury, sophisticated, rich comfort but still DENIM.

This concept consists of comfort stretch fabrics with soft touch & shiny look. A new technique has been developed & bulky yarn has been used to achieve this soft touché. It also adds a comfortable moving ability because of their comfort stretch character. In this concept, Bossa Denim continues to increase the color pallet range with new color Mayablue, you can feel the freshness, lightness on this new green-cast color. Fabrics in the concepts have large weight range between 7,75 and 10,25 ounces with 35% elasticity.