Mountain Adventure

What if you live the exceptional?  What if the sun shines on you for hours? What if you are away from steel, cars, phones, notebooks and all things processed? This is an invitation special to you… Are you ready to escape?

Welcome to the exceptional house  in the middle of a forest…  A wooden nest in the middle of green. Autum is in the air… Russet, brown leaves are flying towards the mountains. There is a sound coming from the crispy grass when you walk through… And it melds in a song, in a whistle. All things become a melody coming from the depth of your heart.

Clouds are crossing the sky as it is getting dark navy. Suddenly wind borrows the melody and starts to whistle.  Maybe rain is coming behind the mountains. Maybe it is time to get back home. Maybe this is the day to finish reading the old book. Absolutely it is priceless reading near by the fireplace and sipping hot chocolate.

Surrender yourself to the nature, to the rhythm…

Inspiring from the forest life, “Mountain Adventure” concept has been developed. The highlights are;

  • Dipped over-dyes
  • Color coatings, double face coatings
  • Deep, dark browns, rustic denim blue, forest green, navy, khaki  with woody, vegetal notes
  • Colored wefts on antracite/indigo/ stony grey grounds
  • Peachy soft handle, flushed touch creating comfort and texture
  • Brushed  contrast melange weft
  • Slubby, rough look, naturel character is emphasized through slubs and irregular constructions

This concept is developed for both men and women in stretch / comfort stretch / super stretch forms. And this is an escape for him and for her to the mountains from the conventional.