Black Light

Black has started to colourize fashion industry since the middle of 14th century. It was the color most commonly associated with importance and seriousness of positions. The attitude to black has been evolved over the years and black jumped to legendary denim after 50’s and it has become a versatile wardrobe essential. Black jeans is timeless and unseasonable: day, night, work, weekend, party time whenever you need, black is there…

For the sake of these elegant color, this season, “Black Light” concept has been unveiled. It makes you catch the look you want.

Inspired by the mystery of black, “Black Light” concept lightens on black, greys and all neighbour colors. The key messages of these concept are;

  • Saturated black/grey over-dyes
  • Deep blue hues
  • Non-fade, intense black
  • Pearly metallics
  • Leathery man-made touches on surface
  • Black warp and weft
  • Raw surfaces
  • Mirros gloss finishes, luxed touch
  • Compact lightweights

And they all confirm the characteristics of “black” for both men and women in stretch / comfort stretch / bi-stretch / super stretch forms.

Black will no longer be in shadows. Believe in it, you will be on the safe ground.