Back In The Days

When we were Back in the Days, gangs of 80’s would battle not with guns but by dancing and music. Street styling with an attitude was boomed by people hanging around... Numerous social changes have occurred since then to transform this culture into a mainstream movement, youth-oriented lifestyle.  Those were the days that clubbing began to evolve with DJ-ing and rave parties. From the beginning, clubbing has owned  mostly by younger people as a subculture featuring peace, love, unity, respect and empathy for others. 

Today, making reference to peace and love of 80’s, “Back in the Days” concept has been developed.  Have a feeling of these days, retro inspired looks are created and  highlighted by;

Loose construction for high waisted-roomy fits
Luxuriously buttery soft fabric with superior drape and movement
Jeansy look with noisy slubs
Crosshatch over thick yarns
Clean look without slubs
Sateen weaves with premium cotton
Constructions & colors developed for a classic stone wash to have a “mom jeans” feeling
Surface finishes developed for crispy tailoring, stay-pressed look

80’s were a great decade to grow up in. Anyone who lived through the 80s probably has their own favorite pop culture memory.  Maybe an acid washed denim with blue undertones… Maybe a dance figure from “Flash Dance”…  

In memory of strong messages and bold styles of 80’s…

What a feeling!