Born In The Fifties – Women’S

Who didn’t grow up wanting to be a movie star or a pop icon? We all tried every style trick in the book to look like Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando or James Dean. They were legends and this season, their styles come back to life in our denims.

We reinterpreted the 50’s, and regenerated the vintage look denim and its own particular fit. In this concept, we go back to 50’s lifestyle. We give you retro-style with comfortable stretch and navy weft games. You can find rigid but comfortable, and vintage but luxurious jeans. With Born in the 50’s, you can be the glam tomboy, or rock the overdyed denim-on-denim look.

Imagine you are in a classic rock ‘n’ roll concert or a swing party in the 50’s, showing of how the weft games in your heavy cotton, inside out cuffed jeans dance with your every move.

50’s jean fashion will most certainly never go out of style, and neither will you.